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Jan, 2023

Player Evaluations for Spring 2023

The kickoff to our Spring 2023 season begins with Player Evaluations (Tryouts) for players in the Farm through Major Divisions starting on January 18thPlayers need to complete registration and document review, PRIOR to participating in evaluations and being placed on a team. You can still complete registration if you haven't, but space is limited, and waitlists will apply once space is filled.

Who needs to participate in Evaluations?  All players league age 7-12 registered in the Farm, Single A, Double A, Triple A and Major Divisions.  It is in the best interests of all players to participate in evaluations. Please note that players may be drafted in ANY division they league age qualify for, and this may be different then the division registered in. For the Spring season, teams are formed via drafts and the evaluations allow team managers to assess players' skill level before selecting them to teams.  This allows for balanced teams and ensures that players are selected in the division best suited for their experience and skill level.

Who does NOT participate in evaluations?  Players aged 4-6 (T-ball and Farm 6 year olds) and 13-16 (Intermediate, Junior and Senior). These players will receive separate notifications regarding team assignments before Feb 1st.

Tryout/Evaluation Date Times:
(Note:  League age is the age the player will be on Aug 31, 2023)

Wednesday, January 18th – 5:30pm-9pm 
 League Age  Check-In Start time
 11  5:15pm
 12   5:45pm
Thursday, January 19th – 5:30pm-9:00pm 
 League Age  Check-In Start time
 9  5:15pm
 10   5:45pm
 Saturday, January 21st - 9:00am-1:00pm
 League Age Check-In Start Time
7 8:45am
8 9:30am
 1:00-3:00pm - Make Ups*
9, 10, 11, 12  12:30pm

*for those unable to attend Wednesday or Thursday

What if my player is unable to participate in evaluations?  Players who participate in evaluations will be available to be selected by specific team managers during the team drafts.  Players who do not participate in evaluations will be Blind Drafted onto a team (drawn out of a hat, instead of being selected by managers).  All registered players will be placed on a team, but it is best from them to be evaluated and drafted.

What happens in the Evaluation Process:

  • First, players check-in to receive a player number sticker, and card assignment
  • Let your players know that evaluations are just the first practice of their Spring season.  They just need to be themselves and try their best in the assigned drills.
  • Players should be prepared for baseball activity, including exercise clothes (i.e. baseball pants, sweats or shorts, baseball hat), cleats, glove, helmet and bat
  • Once checked in, the player's will be called (by assigned card) to one of the dugouts when it is time for their evaluations.  We will announce Card numbers at the park and via social media.  We will also have an estimated time for each card.
  • Players need to be immediately ready when called to the field
  • Players will have the opportunity to field fly balls, ground balls, make throws and bat during the evaluation.  They will be excused immediately after completing their drills
  • Managers will be seated in the outfield so they can observe each player in drills

Team drafts will be the last week of January and families will be notified of their team assignment by their manager by February 1st.

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