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Orangecrest Little League is the only official Little League serving the Orangecrest and Woodcrest areas.  Working together with our community, we are "Building Character Through Teamwork."

New Bat Regulations - Check BEFORE You Buy a New Bat

For the passed few months, we have sent out information regarding the new Bat Regulations for Little League Baseball.  BEFORE YOU BUY A NEW BAT, please make sure that you have reviewed this information.

Our website has been updated with new information about the bat regulations, and Little League Baseball provides detailed bat information on their website.  Here are helpful links:

OCLL Bat Resources Page
Little League Baseball Bat Information Page
Approved Bat List Meeting New Standards

For a brief overview:

UPDATED:  For the 2017 Fall season, players may use EITHER current bats or bats meeting the new 2018 standards.  

The new rules take effect starting in 2018 and impacts ALL bats.  No currently approved bats will be allowed to be used in Little League practices or games after 2017.  Little League is adopting new bat standards set forth by USA Baseball.  As of January 1, 2018, ALL bats used in Little League are required to have the USA Baseball logo imprinted on them.

We have seen Bat Manufacturers beginning to release the new bats.  Again, the new bats may be used for the Fall 2017 season.  When you purchase a new bat, please make sure that it bears the USA Baseball logo signifying that it complies with the new standards

This is a significant rule change and is an entirely new standard for bat construction and performance.  It is intended to create a more consistent standard and result in bats that have a more "wood-like" performance. This is why no existing bats will be approved under the new standard.  Most youth baseball organizations are adopting this new standard.

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