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Orangecrest Little League is the only official Little League serving the Orangecrest and Woodcrest areas.  Working together with our community, we are "Building Character Through Teamwork."

OCLL Partners with Positive Coaching Alliance

Orangecrest Little League (OCLL) is proud to announce that we have established a partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance for 2016 to foster our goals of Building Character Through Teamwork.

I am a firm believer that the primary goal of Little League Baseball is to provide a rewarding growth experience for ALL players, regardless of individual skill level.  Youth sports can teach very valuable lessons to children about teamwork, hard work, competing with class, dealing with adversity and problem resolution.  These are lessons that will benefit players throughout their lives, regardless of where it takes them. 

As the adults responsible for setting the example, we must seize the opportunities to support one another and take advantage of the resources available to achieve our broader goals. Striving to win is an important tenant of Little League, but so is the perseverance that, “win or lose, I will always do my best.”

By partnering with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), all members of OCLL will have access to resources that encourage us to support these important objectives, but more specifically, we will dedicate resources to those most directly responsible for our children’s experiences in Little League baseball.

PCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping youth sports organizations develop “Better Athletes, Better People” through a focus on positive, character-building sports experiences.  PCA provides access to a variety of resources, including webinars, live workshops, online courses and materials to help coaches, parents and league officials to support the goals of OCLL.

Our primary initial focus with PCA will be to provide valuable support to our team managers.  Prior to being assigned to a team, all team managers will be required to complete an online training, “Double Goal Coach: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons”.  This training is designed to help managers focus on teaching players the positive aspects of competition, and more importantly, teaching life lessons through sports.

In addition, as we prepare for our season, our managers will participate in a Little League rules clinic that will include a live PCA workshop that applies the Double Goal Coach principals to creating a positive culture in practices and games.  Through PCA, we will also provide on-going resources available to all managers, coaches, parents and league officials to encourage the positive aspects of competition and youth sport.

The Board of Directors is excited to have the support of our partnership with PCA, and believe it will be a cornerstone to support our mission of providing a rewarding experience to all of our players, volunteers and families.

Registration for players and volunteers for the 2016 Spring Season is Open – Come be a part of something Special!

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