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"Building Character Through Teamwork"

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Orangecrest Little League is the only official Little League serving the Orangecrest and Woodcrest areas.  Working together with our community, we are "Building Character Through Teamwork."

Character First

Our Spring Season is underway.  It is always exciting to get an initial assessment of where are players are and to see the initial seeds of growth sprout.  It is a time where we all believe that anything is possible.

Our goal is to maintain and portray that positive attitude throughout season.  There will be many ups and downs as we wind through the season, but through it all, we have to continually put character first.

Character takes shape in many different ways.  It shows in how we handle success, being gracious, humble and confident;  in how we deal with adversity, with perseverance, strength and the commitment to overcome; and in how we manage emotion, no matter the circumstances, level headed and consistent.

We should hold ourselves and each other to a high standard.  Coaches, parents and players should continue to strive to complete with class, enjoy the battle and regardless of the result, congratulate each other for the effort.  Our players should be challenged to achieve more, but not berated in the process.  They should be encouraged, taught and coached – with all of us positively contributing to their development.

We are all here to teach and exemplify a little bit more than just a game.  What we demonstrate, shows our players how to handle different situations, how to react in success and failure, and focusing on what lies ahead instead of dwelling on what has passed, using each experience to learn and improve.

Continue to believe in what is possible, cheer enthusiastically and encourage our players to be the best that they can be – and continue to display the character we would be proud to see our players emulate.

Volunteers are the Backbone of OCLL

We are a volunteer league.  From the board members, to the managers and coaches, team parents, scorekeepers and families, Orangecrest Little League would not exist without the dedication of committed volunteers, like you.

As we are head into our 2016 Spring Season, I encourage all league members to volunteer to help maintain the rewarding and positive experience for our players and families.  You just need to have a willingness to help – we can help with any information or support you need to be successful.

Remember, team volunteers must register and complete the Little League Volunteer Application for 2016.  If you volunteered last year, you may complete the Returning Volunteer Application (both can be found on our website at: This must be completed before you are assigned to a team.

If you are interested in managing a team, you must submit a Manager Interest from (available on our website (  We are finalizing team managers this week, so if you are interested, please complete the form ASAP.

For coaching – EVERY manager needs assistance with coaching.  You don’t necessarily need a lot of baseball knowledge, just an ability to follow directions from the manager.  The best practices and player development occur in smaller groups, but a manager needs additional help to be able to run multiple drills at the same time.

It does take a lot of work to run a team during the season, but when multiple volunteers are working together, it creates a cohesive and supportive bond among the team families.  At the beginning of each season, one of the first tasks for team managers is to find the team parent(s) and scorekeepers.  As soon as you know your team, PLEASE let your manager know right away how you are willing to help.

And don’t forget, that all teams are assigned shifts to volunteer in the snack bar.

Please volunteer at whatever level you are able.  It takes our entire Orangecrest Little League Community working together to maintain the most enriching baseball team experience for our players and families.

Play Ball!

Brett Varner
Orangecrest Little League
"Building Character Through Teamwork!"

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